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Return for Repair/Warranty - Columbia makes every effort to provide the best and highest quality industrial marking products. CMT stands behind our warranty policy. If for any reason the product is not working to specifications please return the product for evaluation. To process your request as efficiently as possible, if you need to return an item, please note our return policy:

Link for RMA

Please use Return Request for a Return Authorization number

(returns will not be accepted unless accompanied by this number) and be sure to write your RMA number on the shipping label.

-C.O.D. returns will not be accepted.

-Altered or etched items will not be accepted.

Upon completion of submitting this form you will receive an email notification with an RMA number please print and send with product to:

Tech Room

Columbia Marking Tools

27430 Luckino Dr.

Chesterfield Twp MI 48047

Important: When shipping from outside the US, Specify Harmonized Tariff Code 9801.00.10.31 "Products of the United States when returned after having been exported, without having been advanced in value or improved in condition by any process of manufacture or other means while abroad."

All shipping, duties, and services to be charged to the shipper.

Please allow on average 1-2 days for analysis and review. This time may be less for easily identifiable issues and repairs.

Product is considered abandoned if no order has been provided 60 days from receipt of the repair quotation. Customer is responsible for evaluation fee.

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